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Karnataka State Open University is located in Manasagangotri, Mysore. It is recognized as one of the best Open Universities in India imparting Distance Education. The University was established during 1996 and the library started functioning in the same year. It has a glorious record of worthy service with a multi disciplinary resource collection of more than one lakh volumes. At the inception of Library, the collection of books was around 50,000, which was housed in the main building of KSOU but later the Library was shifted to its own new building in the KSOU campus in 2006.

    • BSCAFM-101 Overview of Animation Theory
    • BSCAFM-102 Basic Foundation Art Theory
    • BSCAFM-103 Mechanics Of Animation Theory
    • BSCAFM-104 Basic Classical Animation Theory
    • BSCAFM-201 Basic Digital Animation
    • BSCAFM-202 Basic 3D Animation
    • BSCAFM-203 Basic Of compositing
    • BSCAFM-301 Language Of Camera & Cinematography
    • BSCAFM-302 Advanced Foundation Art
    • BSCAFM-303 Advanced Classical Animation
  • Semester 4
    • BSCAFM-401 Advanced 3D Animation
    • BSCAFM-402 VFX Overview
    • BSCAFM-403 Sound(Audio Technology/Electronic Music)
  • Semester 5
    • BSCAFM-501 Clay Animation
    • BSCAFM-502 Editing
    • BSCAFM-503 Post Production Of Film & Television
  • Semester 6
    • BSCAFM-601 Pre Production Of Film
    • BSCAFM-602 Production Of Film
    • BSCAFM-105 Communication & Soft Skills Theory
    • BSCAFM-106 Project Practical
    • BSCAFM-107 Practical Practical
    • BSCAFM-204 Projects
    • BSCAFM-205 Practical
    • BSCAFM-304 Projects
    • BSCAFM-305 Practical
    • BSCAFM-304 Projects
    • BSCAFM-305 Practical
    • BSCAFM-504 Projects
    • BSCAFM-505 Practical
    • BSCAFM-603 Post Production Of Film

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