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Karnataka State Open University was formally established on June 1, 1996 under the Karnataka State Open University Act of 1992, with the objectives of introducing and promoting the system of open university and distance learning in the state of Karnataka, and coordinating and determining the standard of such a system in the state. The University has its headquarters in Mysore. The university was initiated by the Government of Karnataka. The objective is to provide education to people who cannot attend full-time or part-time educational courses offered by universities. The distance education programmes of Karnataka State Open University provide opportunities to working professionals who cannot afford full-time education to earn degrees or diplomas. The Karnataka State Open University originally started as the Institute of Correspondence Course and Continuing Education, a wing of University of Mysore. The Karnataka State Open University is the 8th Open University to be established in India.

  • Scope of Fashion Designing Course in Chandigarh

    • Garment and Textile Export houses and design and make apparel, including accessories like jewelry and footwear that appeal the buyers and meet their specific design requirements.
    • Television and Film Industry: With so many mythological serials and movies coming up, their is a rise in the demand for fashion designers in this sector. They design garments for the actors as per the demand of the role.
    • Retail Chains- Fashion Designers often tie up with retail chains to make customer pleasing garments that are put at all locations of the retail brand.
    • Freelancer- Fashion designers open their own stores/boutique studios where they design apparel based on the needs and the taste of their customers.


  • Why Choose E-Visual Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    • Free Live Project based training
    • Grab Training Experience Letter with course certificate
    • Experience the workflow of Website Development
    • Learn client interaction
    • Submit your live website as project for certification
    • Register your Domain and Web Hosting**
    • 100% Placement Assistance
    • Personality Development classes
    • Interview Preparation
    • Certificate will be provided on behalf of live project.
  • YEAR 1
    • BFT 011-Fashion Illustration and Basic Designing
    • BFT 012-Textile Studies
    • BFT 013-History of Fashion
    • BFT 014-Pattern Drafting, Grading Techniques
  • YEAR 2
    • BFT 021-Fashion Illustration
    • BFT 022-Textile Studies
    • BFT 023-History of Fashion
    • BFT 024-Advanced Drafting, Draping.
  • YEAR 3
    • BFT 031-Fashion Illustration
    • BFT 032-Volume Production & Quality Control
    • BFT 033-Leather Technology
    • BFT 034-Knitting Technology
    • BFT 015-Computer Application
    • BFT 016-Communication skills
    • BFT 017Practical
    • BFT 025-Computer Application
    • BFT 026-Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Industry.
    • BFT 027-Practical
    • BFT 035-Computer aided Fashion Designing
    • BFT 036-Entrepreneurship
    • BFT 037-Project

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